Sunday, November 28, 2010


One of my lovely bridesmaids, Liz (AKA "The Art Director") and I have taken to i chatting deep into the night and literally slapping each other with amazing design ideas. Our newest obsession has turned to DAMASK (is it a fabric or a print - I really don't know!).

It's lovely. It's modern. It's vintage. I'm completely obsessed.

Our color scheme was decided almost immediately: black, white, and vintage pink. I was second guessing it thinking MAYBE it's just too boring, but a splash of damask? I cannot even contain my excitement.

So from here on out you will see random pictures of this:

Maybe I could explain to you how this all started. I could, and I will. It turns out my aunt has about 15 white linen table cloths. It also turns out that Josh's parents have 200 plate settings (they run a camp in the poconos). The plate settings are white. An ingenious idea was brought to my attention that I should make table runners to separate the white on white action. I marched my rear to Jo-Ann's fabric and came across some wonderful patterns:

Let's see what happens when we add some damask to our mock Save the Dates:

You're addicted now, right?

There you have the birth of damask. I'm still not sure how to pronounce it. I'm also still not sure if it's a fabric or a type of print (i.e. paisley). Enlighten me. Please.

yay for progress!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

check this.

I'd like to do some checking off, so for the heck of it:





We chose our reception venue because it has a beautiful stone barn attached to it. It's completely gorgeous. . . downside - they don't have a wedding coordinator, so everything has to be chosen and executed by us! ARRRGH. This is the antagonist in my long drawn out wedding blog. The winery does have tables and chairs, but nothing else.

We wanted to be super hip and buy mismatched plates, but honestly... time and money do not permit. So we'll figure something out eventually.

It really feels good to empty all of this out onto something permanent.


check check check

Last week, I decided I should probably attempt to write out EVERYTHING I need to get done for this shindig.

Presenting, my biggest nightmare! This stares at me every night while I'm sleeping:

I know it could potentially be MUCH longer if I actually wrote out the sub items each item contains. You see, I'm a self proclaimed procrastinator. I do my best work when it's last minute - scratch that - LAST SECOND.

Every piece of me is trying to fight that for this wedding.

I'm uber excited that I have an amazing decisive maid of honor. She's the peanut butter to my jelly. This is making me hungry...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I blame weddings.

I'm having some horrible dreams. I dream that my wedding is in 5 days, and I am in exactly the same spot I'm in right now. Nowhere.

Reality: 200 days. I have a "To Do" list so long, I could literally puke. Oh, and reading WEDDING BLOGS is of no help whatsoever. Wedding blogs give me panic attacks, and they fuel my nightmares. Wedding blogs are fueling this horrifying pimple on my face.

We all get through it, right?