Sunday, November 28, 2010


One of my lovely bridesmaids, Liz (AKA "The Art Director") and I have taken to i chatting deep into the night and literally slapping each other with amazing design ideas. Our newest obsession has turned to DAMASK (is it a fabric or a print - I really don't know!).

It's lovely. It's modern. It's vintage. I'm completely obsessed.

Our color scheme was decided almost immediately: black, white, and vintage pink. I was second guessing it thinking MAYBE it's just too boring, but a splash of damask? I cannot even contain my excitement.

So from here on out you will see random pictures of this:

Maybe I could explain to you how this all started. I could, and I will. It turns out my aunt has about 15 white linen table cloths. It also turns out that Josh's parents have 200 plate settings (they run a camp in the poconos). The plate settings are white. An ingenious idea was brought to my attention that I should make table runners to separate the white on white action. I marched my rear to Jo-Ann's fabric and came across some wonderful patterns:

Let's see what happens when we add some damask to our mock Save the Dates:

You're addicted now, right?

There you have the birth of damask. I'm still not sure how to pronounce it. I'm also still not sure if it's a fabric or a type of print (i.e. paisley). Enlighten me. Please.

yay for progress!


  1. Hooray! I love it. I also created one of these bloggy thing-a-ma-jigs to follow you and organize my own artistic thoughts. You're my hero. xo