Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am procrastinator. I am marrying a procrastinator. My Art Director is also skilled at completing things last minute. So how will this wedding EVER be planned in time? HOW?

Due to a death in the family, J. and I had to postpone our engagement photos to a later date. This later date ended up being a FRIGID later date. My fiance and I thought we'd do some light apple picking while our photographer followed us around like the paparazzi, and the entire thing would be a done deal - easy as pie. WRONG. We love autumn at Styer's Orchard. When J. and I showed up to scope out the scenery on our scheduled photo date, my heart immediately sank to my shoes as I realized all of the apples were dead - along with most of the trees.

J. could tell I was disheartened, and he lightened the mood by buying me a Charleston Chew.

Our photographer arrived and we began trekking around the muddy property scoping out some leftover fall foliage. Now whether it was the mad artistic skills of our photographer, John Rozier or the grace of God (somehow I know it was both), I could not be happier with our photos. We were freezing and awkward and standing in mud, but it's difficult to tell:

All photo credits go to John Rozier of

Hopefully all of the procrastination will be curtailed by my maid of honor and oldest sister. Those are two lovely ladies I don't want to mess with. :)

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  1. I'm offended by the beginning of this post. You know I work better under pressure. -xoxo